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The title card of the fifth Act of Quantum Break.

"I'll Come Back for You" is the final of five acts in Quantum Break. Act 5 contains three parts.


Image Title Description Parts
Act 5 Part 1 "Monarch HQ" Now that he knows Serene had the Countermeasure all along, Jack arrives at the Monarch Tower to take it back - at any cost. 01
Act 5 Part 2 "Return to the University" Going back to the time of the University experiment, Jack races to save William before he's killed in the library demolition. 02
Act 5 Part 3 "Final Moments" Armed with the Countermeasure, Jack and William attempt to fix the fracture and avert the End of Time. 03


Act Part Title Transcribed by
1 1 "Monarch HQ" Not Determined
2 2 "Return to the University" Not Determined
3 3 "Final Moments" Not Determined
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