This article is about the Email in Act 2, Part 2. You may be looking for the determinant character of the same name.
Amy Ferrero (Narrative Object)
Amy Ferrero (NO)
SubjectAmy Ferrero
AuthorCharlie Wincott
DateOctober 9, 2016
ActAct 2: Perfect Place to Hide Something
PartAct 2, Part 2: Ground Zero
LocationGround Zero
NextTheresa Sedmak Riverport Radio Show 2 (PR)

Amy Ferrero is a email Narrative Object found in Act 2, Part 2 of Quantum Break. The email details Charlie Wincott profiling Amy Ferrero. This email is determinant and only appears if the "PR" option was chosen in the first junction.


DATE: OCT 9, 2016 – 7:10am
SUBJECT: Amy Ferrero

What up fools,

So, I looked up Amy Ferrero. She checks out pretty much how you’d expect – good grades, no student loans because daddy’s got money, popular, the classic “I’m better than you because I care so much” package, not studying anything even remotely useful in a world where you gotta work for a living.

She’s into this whole activist lifestyle, always protesting this or that, and generally just hugging every tree and saving every whale she sees. Yawn. On average, she signs two petitions a week and generally spends half her life sticking her nose in other people’s shit. Credit where it’s dude, she’s pretty good at it. Also, she’s got a lot of friends who’re all into this stuff, and she seems to be real good at getting them coordinated. Kinda makes her perfect for our purposes, ‘cause if you can talk her into saying what we want, there’s a lot of folks who’re gonna listen.

No boyfriend, or girlfriend, I dunno which sway she swings (why doesn’t she put that on the internet, doesn’t she realize that’s what it’s for?), but there’s that family of hers, looks like she’s got real close ties. So if we need leverage, that’s where you’ll find it.

You may wanna make sure she stays on our side, though. Like I said, she’s pretty popular with the rest of these people, and if they get the idea she’s been screwed over, they just might get pretty mad. You know how these neo-hippie bleeding heart hipster types are, always up in arms about something.

Holy shit I’m glad I’m not in school in anymore.


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