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Bernard Riker

Bernard Riker was a Monarch Solutions engineer that worked at the Monarch central headquarters.[1]


Events of Quantum BreakEdit

Following the deactivation of the Chronon Field Regulator by Charlie Wincott, it was assumed by members of Monarch Security that Martin Hatch had been killed. During the height of the Meyer-Joyce Field's collapse, Bernard Riker was among the technicians still in the building following the departure of Paul Serene to the Bradbury Swimming Hall.[1]

When Martin Hatch reappeared inside Monarch HQ and approached Riker, Riker told him that had he been reported dead. Hatch dismissed the claim and ordered Riker to help him disable the stutterproofing systems. Riker voiced his disagreement, believing that Hatch should check for permission; however, Hatch was able to silence him when he threatened to look up his home address.[1]

Fearing for his family's life, Riker complied with Hatches demands and disabled the stutterproofing system, which left the building vulnerable to stutters. Shortly afterward, the building was effected by the stutters. Riker began to suspect that the building was being attacked by a Shifter.[1]

Feeling remorse over what he'd done, Riker confessed to disabling the stutterproofing system in a letter addressed to Paul and warned him against trusting Martin Hatch. During the time he wrote the letter least two stutters hit, resulting in the appearance several dead Striker troops and his being covered in their blood.[2][3]

When Jack Joyce arrived at Monarch HQ, he came upon two Time Echoes of Riker's conversations with Hatch. When investigating a computer terminal on the upper levels of the buildings, Jack discovers the letter he wrote to Paul, but no sign of Riker.



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