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Quantum Break - Beth Wilder Diaries

Beth Wilder Diary 3 (also known as The Second Time Machine: Beth's Plan) is the third of six unlockable video diaries for Beth Wilder in Quantum Break.


Sunday, October 9, 2016, 7:00 pm
On Beth's mysterious knowledge of events leading to the Fracture and her plan to fix it.
DURATION: 1:28-2:50


BETH WILDER: October 9th, nineteen hundred hours. We found it. The second time machine. It's the final proof I needed. Everything she wrote in that notebook came true. I found the final piece of the puzzle.

The Countermeasure William built to stop the Fracture in time went missing in 2010. It was never seen again. It's clear what that means; it was us who took it. It just hasn't happened yet. We go to the past, get the Countermeasure, come back, and we stop all of this in the present. That's our mission, even if Jack doesn't know it yet.

He's convinced that we simply go back and undo this all. He lit up when he saw that machine, like time travel is some goddamn magic eraser. He's gonna be in bad shape when he realizes the truth. Maybe even worse than I was. Poor bastard. Guy's stubborn as hell.

Did I mention his ingenious plan to kidnap Doctor Amaral? Let's just say, he's in handcuffs right now, waiting for me to Trojan horse his ass out of high security Monarch facility. He's got balls, I'll give him that much.

Maybe I'll wait a bit longer. Make him sweat a bit.

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