Quantum Break - Beth Wilder Diaries07:42

Quantum Break - Beth Wilder Diaries

Beth Wilder Diary 4 (also known as Once I Enter That Machine) is the fourth of six unlockable video diaries for Beth Wilder in Quantum Break.


Sunday, October 10, 2016, 1:45 pm
On Beth's thoughts about entering the time machine and not knowing what comes next.
DURATION: 2:54-3:58


BETH WILDER: I've got Doctor Amaral. If she can fix this then... this is it. [Sighs] I've mixed feelings. That notebook gave me some kind of sense of... invulnerability. I always knew what came next. Once I enter that machine, from what point forward this story's unwritten.

I haven't told Jack this, but I've found things in the swimming pool. Scattered papers, journal entries in my handwriting.


My journey from point forward isn't going to be easy. That much is clear. As long as we succeed, it's all worth it. This can't be for nothing. [Sighs] We will succeed. We have to... it's our destiny.

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