Brenner Profile A
Biographical information
Alias Brenner
Status Alive
Occupation(s) Unknown
Affiliation(s) Monarch Solutions
Resides Iowa (former residence), Riverport, Massachusetts
Physical description
Gender Male
Nationality American
Hair color Brown
Eye color Blue
Game information
First Appearance "Monarch Solutions"
Last Appearance Act 3, Part 1: Research Facility (mentioned)
Actor Matt Orlando[1]

"It's pretty awesome..."

Brenner is a Monarch Solutions employee that worked with Charlie Wincott in the central Monarch Headquarters and the research facility on Gull Island.[3]


Early LifeEdit

Prior to his residence in Riverport, Brenner once lived in and was presumably born in the state of Iowa.[2]

Events of Quantum BreakEdit

"Monarch Solutions"Edit

During Charlie Wincott's search for Jack Joyce's missing transport, Brenner joined him in his office and watched. When he asked that Charlie explain whee there were weaknesses in Riverport's servers, he was dismissed by Charlie who eventually broke through the server's firewall.

Charlie took offense to the fact that Brenner placed his coffee mug on his office desk without using a coaster. Charlie made fun of Brenner for not understanding him initially when he got angry, mistaking his hometown of Iowa for Idaho and demanding that he use the coaster next time.

Despite his tangent, Brenner remained impressed when Charlie explained that Monarch had tricked Mayor Rackley into believing he needed Monarch's private security forces.

Following Charlie's conversation with Martin Hatch, Brenner was dismissed from Charlie's office.

Brenner entered Charlie Wincott's office during the time he hacked a WZWY employee, named Stan, compromised cloud to blackmail WZWY into cooperating with Monarch. When Charlie noticed Brenner's mug was on his desk without a coaster, he reprimanded Brenner for it.

When Charlie explained that he intended to use Stan's comprised data to implicate Jack Joyce for the blackmail in addition to branding him a terrorist, Brenner was impressed by Charlie's skills for manipulating information. Following Charlie's conversation with Martin Hatch, Brenner was dismissed from Charlie's office.

Hours later, Brenner received word that Monarch Security was after Liam Burke, and called Charlie's office. Charlie confirmed that Liam was in the building and reassured Brenner that he had the situation under control

Act 3Edit

Sometime after the arrest of Liam Burke, Brenner had began speculating about Liam Burke's possible contacts on the assumption that he was the traitor that Martin Hatch had warned employees and security about.[3] During a prolonged stutter on Gull Island, Jack entered a office inside the Monarch Research Facility and spotted Brenner's personal mug next to the note pad where he wrote his theories down.


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