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Bruce Livingstone.

Bruce Livingstone is a Monarch Security officer and a member of the Reaper Squad.[1] An aspiring screenwriter, Livingstone wrote Time Knife and attempted to get Chronon department head, Sofia Amaral, to read it, prior to events of October 2016.[2][3]


Writing Time KnifeEdit

Bruce began writing the screenplay of Time Knife after he was inspired by the Chronon tech used by Monarch Solutions. Using what he learned from corporation's science department, he wrote a story based around a businessmen who used a knife to travel back in time. He based at least two of the characters on Monarch head, Paul Serene and head of the Chronon department, Sofia Amaral.[2]

Determined to see his screenplay come to life, Bruce forwarded the two-act screenplay to Sofia, in the hopes that she would review the accuracy of the science used in his screenplay.[1][4] May 4th, 2016, Bruce submitted the first part of his Time Knife screenplay via e-mail.[1] He received no response.[2]

Seven days later (May 11th, 2016), Livingstone submitted the second and final part of Time Knife, again to Sofia.[4] Again, he recieved no response from Sofia.[3] Despite the continued silence, Bruce remained convinced that there was potential in his screenplay. Taking the next step, he mortgaged his house and set up a Kickstarter campaign to raise money for the sequel to Time Knife.[5]

Nine days after e-mailing the final part of Time Knife to Sofia, Livingstone e-mailed her again announced that he was producing a sequel, Time Stabber: Time to Kill and would be playing the lead role, Paul Marine.[6][7] Convinced that Sofia was interested, he explained that he had a role for her if she was interested.[5]


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