Chronon Harness (Episode 2)-01

The Chronon Harness as seen in Episode 2,"Prisoner".

"The Monarch combat gear was unwieldy. What I'd taken from Dr. Amaral's office, was, uh, much lighter. Almost like a civilian model."
—Jack Joyce[1]

The Chronon harness is Chronon-based technology developed by Monarch Solutions.


Chronon harnesses were designed to allow non-Chronon active individuals the ability to function outside the linear flow of time and within Stutters whenever Zero State instances or the inevitable End of Time occurs.

Depending on the model, one or several cores, made of fragile material, containing Chronon energy are situated on the back of the harness, creating a localized Chronon field around the person wearing the harness. So long as the user does not remove the harness, they will not become frozen in time.


Combat Gear

In conjunction with suits designed to protect them from Chronon radiation, Monarch Security officers, such as Strikers, Juggernauts, LMG Technicians, and Technicians, wear combat gear outfitted with cores containing Chronon. Their harnesses vary in size, the largest harnesses belonging to the Strikers, who can move through stutters as fast as Chronon active individuals and Shifters.

Harnesses worn by Juggernauts and LMG Technicians are protected with armor casing, however, the core is questionably left exposed to possible damage. The smallest harnesses are worn by Technicians who typically aid in tech in general labor within Research and Development areas of Monarch Solutions.

Civilian Model

Sometime during 2012[2], Dr. Sofia Amaral and the Chronon division began working on a smaller version of the Chronon harnesses used by Monarch Security officers.[1] At least four harnesses were created for non-security uses[3][1], and appeared to vary in their design.

Chronon harnesses taken from Dr. Henry Kim's lab were designed with a single core[3] located higher up on the harness, while the harness used by Beth Wilder featured a y-shape core design and exposed wires that connected the cores together.[1]