Chronon Harvester-07

The Chronon harvester inside the Industrial Area building.

"Chonon harvesting process cancelled insufficient chronon particles detected. Please move harvester to degated Yellow Zone anomalous area."
—Automated warning[1]

Chronon harvesters are Chronon-based technology developed by Monarch Solutions.


Chronon harvesters were designed to extract Chronon particles in any given area in the Ground Zero area created by the damaged Countermeasure in July 2010.[2] Their design is similar to the stutter anchor that maintains the core of the time machine built by William Joyce in 1999. When the Chronon harvester extracts Chronon energy from the area, the Chronon is later contained in magnetized bottles or containers.

Chronon harvesters make the extraction of Chronon energy possible where it would not be in normal circumstances, allowing the energy to be applied and used for Chronon technology developed by Monarch, from stutterproofed rooms to Chronon harnesses.[3]


Harvesting Chronon energy from the Ground Zero area officially began in 2011, a year following the incident on July 4th, 2010.[4] As a part of the second phase for Monarch preparation for the End of Time and the Lifeboat Protocol.[5]

By October 2016, the second phase of their operation was drawing to a close and the Chronon harvester had all but drained the Red Zone of its Chronon particles and was preparing to move operations to the Yellow Zone of the Ground Zero operations.[1]



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