Clarice Ogawa
Clarice ogawa (1)
Biographical information
Alias HQ Alpha[1]
Status Alive
Occupation(s) Commanding officer in Monarch Security
Affiliation(s) Monarch Solutions
Resides Riverport, Massachusetts
Physical description
Gender Female
Nationality American
Hair color Black
Eye color Light Blue
Game information
First Appearance Act 1, Part 1: Riverport University Experiment
Last Appearance Act 5, Part 3: Final Moments
Actor Jules de Jongh (voice)
Face Model Jeannie Bolet
Mocap Actor Jeannie Bolet

Clarice Ogawa is a commanding officer in Monarch Solutions's security detail.[2] During the events of October 2016, Clarice operates as the overseer of Monarch's efforts to capture Jack Joyce after the malfunctioning time machine at Riverport University created a fracture in time.[2] Following the closure of the events, Clarice was responsible for interviewing Joyce to ensure the events that occurred between Jack and Monarch were accounted for.[3] Unbeknownst to even Paul Serene, head of Monarch, Clarice worked with Martin Hatch behind the scenes[4] and may have aided him in his efforts to sabotage the company and the Lifeboat Protocol.[5]


Events of Quantum Break

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Clarice Ogawa is a shrewd woman, capable of commanding multiple security teams and seeing that Paul Serene's overall commands are carried out to the letter. When information is required in its entirety, Ogawa will see to the gathering of information herself when others would fail.

However, Ogawa is short-tempered, having little patience with subordinates that are unwilling to follow orders or do their jobs incompetently. She does not take to failure, personal or otherwise, kindly.