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Intel Objects are one type of Collectible found throughout Quantum Break.

Collectibles are gameplay items in Quantum Break. Located throughout the five acts of the game, collectibles are comprised of Narrative Objects, Chronon SourcesIntel Objects and Quantum Ripples.

Players can monitor the collection of Collectibles using the Timeline option in the main menu of the game. The number of Collectibles, like Narrative Objects, may alter depending on the choices made in Junction Impacts ("Hardline", "PR", "Business", "Personal", "Amaral", "Hatch", "Control", and "Surrender").


Chronon Source

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Chronon Sources are upgrade incentives within the game, that allow players to balance out and strength any given Time Power available for Jack Joyce. Chronon Sources are hidden throughout the environment of the game and are typically revealed using Time Vision.

Narrative Object

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Narrative Objects a primary narrative tool that provides a greater context for the story of Quantum Break. There are a hundred and fifty three Narrative Objects to collect in the game, they alter depending on the choices made within the Junction Impacts of near the end of each act. Narrative Objects range from personal emails, noticeboards, radio shows and posters.

Intel Objects

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Intel Objects are a secondary narrative tool in Quantum Break. Intel Objects focus on personal items belonging to central and supporting characters that appear in both the game and the television series. Unlike Narrative Objects, Intel Objects are limited to a number of nine and only appear in Act 2, Act 3, and Act 5.

Quantum Ripple

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Quantum Ripples are incidental moments that can be triggered in the television series. Quantum Ripples will be triggered automatically, or are triggered if certain collectibles are located in the game. Thee are a total of eight quantum ripples in the game.


Wanting to expand the universe of the game beyond the scope of the main characters, Jack Joyce and Paul Serene, Remedy Entertainment set out with the intention of creating a backstory and lore for Quantum Break that players could interact with during their playthroughs.[1]

They created the collectibles with the intention of encouraging exploration and examining the environment of the game for small details. Additionally, they split content between Junction impacts to encourage multiple playthroughs of the game. According to creative director, Sam Lake, Quantum Break contains "over 50,000 words worth of discoverable notes, e-mail messages and other text based content".[1]