Final Instructions (Amaral)
SubjectPaul Serene's final orders
AuthorPaul Serene
DateOctober 10th, 2016
ActAct 5: I'll Come Back For You
PartAct 5, Part 1: Monarch HQ
LocationMonarch HQ
PreviousA CONFESSION (Amaral)
NextFinal Instructions (Amaral/Control)

Final Instructions (Amaral) is a email Narrative Object found in Act 5, Part 1 of Quantum Break. The email details Paul Serene's final instructions for Monarch Security before heading to the Bradbury Swimming Hall. This email is a variant and only appears if the "Amaral" and "Control" option was chosen in the third junction and fourth junction.


DATE: OCT 10, 2016 – 4:10am
SUBJECT: Final Instructions


As you know, I have a mission to embark on, so I’ll try to be brief.

I have initiated the Lifeboat Protocol over Martin’s objections; given how things have developed since then, I’m glad I did. I don’t fully understand Martin’s motives, but it’s obvious he’s moving against me, and against the entire survival plan itself. I know you have worked closely with him, and I know that this must come as a shock.

It’s also alarming that in evading capture, Martin took out an entire security team. For an unarmed man who’s ostensibly not combat trained, that should be impossible. Obviously, this is highly alarming news. I don’t know if he had help, or if there’s even more to Martin than we have come to suspect, but he’s had free rein over this company for a long time, and he’s extremely resourceful – and persuasive. It’s not clear to me who I can trust at this point.

But I know I can depend on you. I trust that you will see things through in my absence and ensure the stutterproofing stays up. In particular, I would appreciate if you would ensure that Dr. Amaral stays safe in the Lifeboat. She has been through a lot during the past 24 hours, and she’s still managed to make her way back to us and bring vital intel.

Thank you for your loyal service, Clarice. It has always been appreciated.


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