For Heavy Damage I
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Warchief - 4. For Heavy Damage - I

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"For Heavy Damage I" is a record single performed by Finnish rock band Warchief from their 2015 album, Warchief. The song is one of three singles performed by Warchief and is played during an undetermined act and part of Quantum Break.


At the brink of dawn
Something shook the shivering daylight
The stillness of the night was gone
Rays from the unknown
The dark energy spawned a spirit
A life from beyond the stone
White heavy cloths, centuries old
A creature from a tale never told
What anonymous glare brought this vile curse on to this world
Tearing down every doctrine in its way. this texture feels no pain, with every inch inhumane
Called upon again from the depths of the grave for a reason unknown
The gloomy end of the brightest sunrise is on the verge. it's about to emerge
Across the mountains and time
It wandered on to claim its throne
Pursuing the reign it once had. its prime
And at the brink of dawn
Just before this fateful morning
How could life go on?
Rancid grave-soaked hands swept right before me
I woke up to see the nightmare. one had slept long
Still in shock from the sudden awakening
Travelling hundreds of miles every minute
Not aware of the time and place but still ever ready to kill
In the thrall of the lifegiving matter
The strange energy gleamed in its eyes
The pungent reek of an old tomb was bound to be mixed with the fresh stench of human blood
Never quite understanding this world
Gazing down at the panic and the terror
Although everything was unfamiliar it felt like home inside
It felt the glory it had forgotten
The world changing forever by its hand
It remembered how good it felt to hear the streams of shrieks and the last breath of air blowing out
They fought through the day
Bullets woudn't do
Fire just scorched its surface
And the flames we're too quickly subdued
The last line of the human defence
Wept terrified at its feet
And the last of the shouting rifles bursted out its dying cries

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