For Heavy Damage II
Warchief - 510:59

Warchief - 5. For Heavy Damage - II

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"For Heavy Damage II" is a record single performed by Finnish rock band Warchief from their 2015 album, Warchief. The song is one of three singles performed by Warchief and is played during an undetermined act and part of Quantum Break.


Still alive i gazed from the ruins
No one else to defy it anymore
Triumph from the human race
It danced around the carcass of the world
Suddenly the night was filled with lights
Then a thunderous noise took the skies
From between the stars something sucked it out
The lifeless creature inertly dropped to the ground
Got us unprepared
We were safe and sound
Our laws of physics
Were capsized
Something out of this world
Came to devastate
And as quickly as it had appeared
It was absorbed

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