Gala Speech
Gala Speech
SubjectGala Speech
AuthorMartin Hatch
DateOctober 9, 2016
ActAct 3: The Wine and Cheese Crowd
PartAct 3, Part 1: Research Facility
LocationTesting room adjacent to Juggernaut Prototype Chamber
Previous[Martin Hatch's Speech on Gull Island]] (Personal)
NextInstructions for tonight (Personal)

Gala Speech is a email Narrative Object found in Act 3, Part 1 of Quantum Break. Located in the Monarch Research Facility, the email details correspondence between Martin Hatch to Clarice Ogawa's plans to kill Sofia Amaral and sabotage the Paul Serene. This email is determinant and only appears if the "Personal" option is chosen in the second junction.


OCT 9, 2016 - 8:00pmm
SUBJECT: Gala Speech


Paul Serene has become preoccupied with the appearance of Jack Joyce. He has put aside his engagements at tonight's gala in order to focus on some feeble attempt to convert Jack to our cause. This distraction presents us with the perfect opportunity to push our agenda. Tonight we send Monarch into a state of chaos. Tonight we ensure Paul Serene's downfall.

I have managed to convince Paul to allow me to deliver the gala speech on his behalf, creating the perfect cover.

Steps are as follows:

I will be delivering Paul's speech at the gala very soon. I have arranged for an inside resource to fire shots in my direction from a vantage point halfway through the speech, narrowly missing me on stage. This will throw the gala into pandemonium and destabilize Monarch to a point where Paul's authority and control of the situation will be called into question. More immediately, it will force Monarch to initiate security measures that will lead to Sofia Amaral being locked into the nearby Monarch villa "for her protection."

Stetson will recalibrate Drone A7's flight pattern and cause it to crash directly into the villa, killing Sofia Amaral and therefore removing Paul Serene's only means of developing the treatments necessary for his sickness.

In the aftermath of Amaral's death I will head an investigation that will allow me to gain access to Dr. Kim's lab, where the entirety of Paul's treatments are kept. Demolition charges will be planted and every single treatment will be destroyed. With no further treatments forthcoming, Paul will be rendered helpless.

With the stutters happening more and more often, I predict that Paul's sickness will take hold within six hours of these events. Only then will we make our final move.

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