Gull Island Sign
Os a3p1 015
SubjectRiverport Coastal Defenses
ActAct 3: The Wine and Cheese Crowd
PartAct 3, Part 1: Research Facility
LocationGull Island
PreviousWhat happened to Dr. Henry Kim
NextResearch and Development Facility

Gull Island Sign is a document Narrative Object found in Act 3, Part 1 of Quantum Break. The sign describes Gull Island as the site of an old disassembled artillery installation.



The coastal defense installation of Riverport was commissioned on August 2, 1940, and completed in September, 1942, as America faced the realities of World War II. In addition to the fortifications and artillery, it also boasted an extensive tunnel system that linked Gull Island to the mainland, enabling free movement of personnel and material even under seige conditions. It was built in preparation for an attack on the United States that, fortunately, never came.

The original plan aslo called for the construction of a large naval base in Riverport to support the US Navy on the Atlantic, taking advantage of the local ship-building industry, but as the United States entered World War II after Pearl Harbor, a change in resourcing priorities led to those plans being scrapped.

This installation was in active use throughout the war, and the underground facilities continued to be used as a base for Navy intelligence work once world War II ended. The installation was decommissioned in 1961.

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