Hounds of the Dune
Warchief - 205:57

Warchief - 2. Hounds of the Dune

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"Hounds of the Dune" is a record single performed by Finnish rock band Warchief from their 2015 album, Warchief. The song is one of three singles performed by Warchief and is played during Act 1, Part 1 of Quantum Break during the beginning of the Riverport University level.


Carried through the open and crude
Intertwined with the wind. threatening, undisciplined.
Through the withered and and subdued
Deepened echoes from the unexplored
The whispered omen was rumbling toward
The hounds of the dune are awake
They'll rip apart the silent hour
The hounds of the dune never wait
Surreal terror as they growl in hunger
Coarse skin will never slough
Whipped in the whirling. vociferous roaring
Back into the grit they're blown
From a lair of scorching sand
Came the scourge of this rugged land

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