This article is about collectibles known as Intel Objects. You may be looking for other collectibles, Narrative Objects.
The Sudden Stop (Intel Object)

Jack discovers Emily Burke's signed copy of the final volume in Alan Wake's Alex Casey series, The Sudden Stop.

Intel Objects are Collectibles found in Quantum Break. Intel Objects act as a secondary type of Narrative Object that offers a brief look into major and minor characters encountered or mentioned throughout the story, using personal affects. There are a total of nine Intel collectibles in the game.

Act 2: Perfect Place to Hide SomethingEdit

Act 2, Part 1: Industrial AreaEdit

  1. Eye Drop Bottle

Act 2, Part 2: Ground ZeroEdit

  1. The Sudden Stop (Intel Object)

Act 3: The Wine and Cheese CrowdEdit

Act 3, Part 1: Research FacilityEdit

  1. CFR Briefing
  2. Brenner's Mug

Act 3, Part 2: Monarch GalaEdit

  1. Fiona Cocktail Sword

Act 5: I'll Come Back For YouEdit

Act 5, Part 1: Monarch HQEdit

  1. Monarch Radio Note
  2. Monarch Paperweight with Note
  3. Reflections on the End
  4. Charlie's Badge

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