Jack Joyce Diary 3 (also known as Nick Marsters and Amy Ferrero) is the third of ten unlockable video diaries for Jack Joyce in Quantum Break. This diary is determinant and changes if the "Hardline" or "PR" option was chosen in the first junction.


Friday, November 11, 2016. 2:10 pm
On Nick helping Jack.
DURATION: 1:36-2:09

Friday, November 11, 2016. 2:10 pm
On Amy helping Jack.
DURATION: 0:00-0:34



Quantum Break - Jack Joyce Diaries (Hardline, Business)07:20

Quantum Break - Jack Joyce Diaries (Hardline, Business)

CLARICE OGAWA: Let's talk about a cab driver named Nick Marsters. Where is he? Why is he helping you?

JACK JOYCE: You tried to kill him, I don't think he'd like that.

OGAWA: What does he know about-

JOYCE: He was the only one when I got there in time to save, I saw that room. The bodies. None of the witnesses from the university got out alive.

OGAWA: Let's focus on-

JOYCE: You fucking killed them! All of them. You went too far. Seeing those bodies changed everything. I knew I had to stop it, stop it from ever happening in the first place.

OGAWA: Nick Marsters. Where is he?

JOYCE: Fuck you!

OGAWA: I think it's time to take a break.


Quantum Break Alternative Content - Jack Joyce Diaries (PR, Personal)00:57

Quantum Break Alternative Content - Jack Joyce Diaries (PR, Personal)

CLARICE OGAWA: You rescued Amy Ferraro at the Ground Zero operation. We know that she downloaded classified Monarch documents. Documents regarding our plans; the CFR, the Lifeboat Protocol. We believe that you're in possession of these stolen files.

JACK JOYCE: Monarch framed me, made the entire city believed I was a terrorist to cover up their tracks. I figured the world might wanna know the truth.

OGAWA: You never released the documents to the public.

JOYCE: Well, depending how this conversation goes, I could always change. Don't make me grumpy.

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