Quantum Break - Jack Joyce Diaries (Hardline, Business)07:20

Quantum Break - Jack Joyce Diaries (Hardline, Business)

Jack Joyce Diary 4 (also known as Falling Out With Will) is the fourth of ten unlockable video diaries for Jack Joyce in Quantum Break.


Friday, November 11, 2016, 2:26 pm
On Jack's last meeting with Will before he left Riverport.
DURATION: 2:11-2:51


CLARICE OGAWA: You said you'd been to William's workshop before. What brought you there?

JACK JOYCE: He sold the family home to finish building the countermeasure. He never told me. When I found out I was furious, hadn't talk to the guy for almost three years, he stopped answering the phone. I figured he was deep into drugs, gambling, something like that.

OGAWA: Did you discover the truth?

JOYCE: I never gave him the chance. I found him outside that workshop and tore right into him. Blame him for everything that went wrong between us. I could see in his eyes that he wanted to tell me, but I wouldn't let him. It was the last straw, y'know? If I had handled the situation a bit better...

OGAWA: Let's move on to the next question.

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