Quantum Break - Jack Joyce Diaries (Hardline, Business)07:20

Quantum Break - Jack Joyce Diaries (Hardline, Business)

Jack Joyce Diary 6 (also known as The Second Time Machine and Jack's Plan) is the sixth of ten unlockable video diaries for Jack Joyce in Quantum Break.


Friday, November 11, 2016, 3:19 pm
On how Jack thinks about fixing the Fracture and closed loops.
DURATION: 3:26-4:19


CLARICE OGAWA: Your behavior shifted during your mission to kidnap Dr. Amaral. You became less foolhardy, more calculated. What changed?

JACK JOYCE: I found hope.

OGAWA: The second time machine? You actually thought you could go back and stop the Fracture from ever occurring and solve everything?

JOYCE: There was a chance. That was enough.

OGAWA: Yet every sign you've seen has proven otherwise. Your own brother posited that time works as a rigid closed loop; no interaction with the past could possibly change what has already occurred, and any attempt to do so would merely cause such events to occur in the exact manner they always did. Perhaps there was a lesson to be learned.

JOYCE: My brother died trying to save this world. You know the last words that came out of his mouth? 'I'll never stop trying.' Lesson learned.

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