Quantum Break - Jack Joyce Diaries (Hardline, Business)07:20

Quantum Break - Jack Joyce Diaries (Hardline, Business)

Jack Joyce Diary 7 (also known as Serene's Condition and Treatments) is the seventh of ten unlockable video diaries for Jack Joyce in Quantum Break.


Friday, November 11, 2016, 3:44 pm
On the destruction of Serene's Chronon Syndrome treatments.
DURATION: 4:21-5:06


CLARICE OGAWA: Let's talk about Serene's condition. You're aware of how it started?

JACK JOYCE: Uh huh. Ground Zero.

OGAWA: Monarch developed a treatment to curb his symptoms. Our reports state that you destroyed those treatments rendering him defenseless as the sickness spread.

JOYCE: That's what the reports say, yeah, but I've never step foot in that lab.

OGAWA: You have no way of proving that.

JOYCE: I find it curious. Dr. Amaral was working on a permanent cure for Paul's condition, but she was ordered to stop before research was complete. Sounds like somebody on the inside didn't want him to get better.

OGAWA: Sounds like you have an interest in this cure. It makes me wonder if you know anybody else suffering from the same symptoms. It makes me wonder if that is why you're truly here.

JOYCE: Or maybe I just really like the coffee here.

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