Quantum Break - Jack Joyce Diaries (Hardline, Business)07:20

Quantum Break - Jack Joyce Diaries (Hardline, Business)

Jack Joyce Diary 9 (also known as Jack's Allies / Monarch's Traitors) is the ninth of ten unlockable video diaries for Jack Joyce in Quantum Break.


Friday, November 11, 2016, 5:20 pm
On how Jack feels about the sacrifice Beth made to save everyone.
DURATION: 5:55-6:47


CLARICE OGAWA: I want you to tell me if any of these names ring a bell. Fiona Miller.


OGAWA: Charlie Wincott.


OGAWA: Beth Wilder.

JOYCE: You know the answer to that. I don't have time for this.

OGAWA: These names are all connected. It's hard to believe you would be aware of one and not the others. They're all traitors to Monarch linked by-

JOYCE: Traitors? You say Monarch's mission is to save us from the dangers of the future. Beth devoted her entire life to that cause, the one thing that could stop the fracture. Her sacrifices are what kept it safe. Everything you built, everything, was based on that device, the device she fucking died to preserve and she's the traitor? Your plan was flawed from the start and you blame her because she found a better way. You owe everything to her!

OGAWA: I thought you barely knew her.

JOYCE: Next question.

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