Jeannie Bolet
Jeannie Bolet
Biographical information
Name Jeannie Bolet
Origin Liverpool, England
Occupation(s) Actor
Quantum Break
Character Kate (formerly),
Clarice Ogawa (motion capture)[1]
Appears In Quantum Break

Jeannie Bolet[note 1] is a British producer and actor.[2] She provides the motion capture performance of Clarice Ogawa in Quantum Break.[1]


Jeannie Bolet was born and raised in the city of Liverpool, England. She is of Chinese, Vietnamese and French descent. Bolet studied Meisner Technique, presumably at the Sanford Meisner Center for the Arts with Elizabeth Mestnik. She also studied Art and Design at the Liverpool John Moores University.[2]

Bolet was given the opportunity to study Fashion Journalism at the Central Saint Martins School of Art and Design in London, but declined, preferring to remain in Liverpool to study Fashion and Illustration at Liverpool John Moores University. Bolet also attended Attended Warner Loughlin's Acting Studio in Los Angeles.[2]

Bolet had reoccurring roles in series Caribe Road as Mrs. Honeycutt and Fast Track as Mel. She has appeared in multiple short films, including Heart of the Dragon, Life Track and Everything, Almost', a short film written and produced by Bolet.[2]

During the production of Quantum Break, Jeannie Bolet provided motion capture performance for Remedy Entertainment and first appeared in the E3 2013 trailer. She appeared as a character named "Kate" alongside Sean Durrie as Jack Joyce.

Early to late production material for Quantum Break identified the character as "Kate Ogawa".[3][4] However, Bolet was later cast as character named Clarice Ogawa. She does not provide the voice performance for Clarice, who is instead voiced by Jules de Jongh.[1]


  1. Her last name is pronounced Bo-lay and is French in origin.