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Josef Chehade.

Josef Chehade is a security officer for Riverport University. During the events of October 2016, Josef was given the order to revoke William Joyce's clearance for the Meyer Physics Research Center.[1][2]


Events of Quantum BreakEdit

Josef was among the security officers on the Riverport University campus that were given the order to revoke William Joyce's security clearance to the Meyer Physics Research Center at 4:20AM on October 9th, 2016, following his removal from the campus. Josef and Hayley's superiors confirmed that the order was legitimate and should be carried out.[2]

When he was contacted by Hayley Shelton about the validly of the order, as it had come from a Monarch Security officer named Liam Burke, Josef explained the situation to her. Josef had presumably been witness to William's attempt to convince investors supporting Project Promenade, and described the incident to Hayley as "crazy". He told Hayley not to feel bad about the situation as he had heard that William stole a came from the break lounge room of the physics center before his removal from the campus.[2]


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