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Kate Ogawa
Biographical information
Status Alive
Relatives Paul Serene (ex-husband)
Occupation(s) Monarch Security (formerly)
Affiliation(s) Monarch Solutions (formerly)
Resides Riverport (assumed)
Physical description
Gender Female
Nationality American
Hair color Brown
Eye color Brown
Game information
First Appearance E3 2013 Trailer
Actor Jeannie Bolet
Mocap Actor Jeannie Bolet

"Sixty seconds, Jack."

Kate Ogawa was a character that appeared in the E3 2013 Trailer for Remedy Entertainment's Quantum Break.[1]


Kate Ogawa was the ex-wife of Paul Serene.[2] A security officer in Monarch Solutions, Kate eventually defected from the corporation to help Jack Joyce when time breaks down following the accident in at Riverport University.

E3 2013 Trailer

Kate's first appearance was in the E3 2013 trailer alongside Jack Joyce. The two breach Dr. Sofia Amaral's office and find her trapped in a stutter.[1] Kate warned Jack that they had sixty seconds left before the stutter collapsed. After Sofia is freed from zero state, Kate acknowledges the mention of Paul when Sofia explained that he warned her against people who would attempt to steal her research. Kate maintained rear guard until the stutter began to show signs of collapse. She urges Jack and Sofia escape the explosion as time resumes.

Behind the Scenes

In an earlier version of Quantum Break, Kate Ogawa was one of four playable characters.[2] Kate was also one of four playable characters that could travel back and forth through time and change the past or the future in the initial concept for the Junction Impacts.[2]

Actress Jeannie Bolet's likeness was used for the character of Kate in the E3 2013 trailer, but the character would not appear in the final version of the game. Instead, Bolet's likeness would be repurposed for the character Clarice Ogawa (voiced by Jules de Jongh), a loyal employee of Monarch Solutions. The Kate character was replaced with that of Beth Wilder, a character created alongside Kate's during early production of the game's story. Jeannie Bolet's role as Kate served a similar occupation as Sean Durrie's portrayal of Jack Joyce.