The Lifeboat Protocol is an underground, stutter-proof sanctuary created by Paul Serene where essential and higher Monarch Solutions staff can continue research on fixing the Fracture when time stops permanently.


(See The Lifeboat Protocol (Narrative Object) for more information.)
The Lifeboat itself is located in the lowest basement of Monarch Tower, and is powered by the Chronon Field Regulator, aka the CFR. The CFR in turn is powered by Chronon particles collected through Chronon Harvesters. According to an email sent by Serene to Lifeboat personnel, the Lifeboat if activated immediately would last for 50 subjective years, and if instead activated on schedule is estimated to last more than 200 subjective years. This time is ostensibly to allow the researchers within the Lifeboat to discover a permanent solution to the End of Time, which is postulated to take at least two subjective decades of intense research and development. The Lifeboat itself would be protected by Strikers and Juggernaut teams, which Serene claims are perfectly trained to "successfully eliminate Shifters" expected at the End of Time. Given the abject failure of the Striker teams to contain or even counter Martin Hatch in his Shifter form in Act 5, Part 1: Monarch HQ, however, this is likely a false reassurance.