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Meredith Rosen.

Meredith Rosen was a member of the Riverport University Project Promenade team that worked on the University time machine during the events of October 2016.[1][2]


Events of Quantum BreakEdit

When the University time machine was being tested for possible issues, William Joyce interrupted a board meeting with several investors supporting the project, and attempted to warn them of a design flaw that would create instability within the time machine's core and damage the Meyer-Joyce Field.

Meredith Rosen, a member of the Project Promenade team working inside the Meyer Physics Research Center, tried to repair the damage created by William and attempted to convince the investors to maintain funding of the Project.[2]

With the exception of Martin Hatch, the CEO of Monarch Solutions, she was unable to convince the investors, who had chose to halt funding for the project. After she contacted Paul Serene and explained the situation to him, Paul requested that she buy him enough time to prove to the investors that the time machine would work.[2]


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