Monarch Field Orders Update: Sofia Amaral
Os a3p3 070
SubjectSofia Amaral
AuthorMonarch Solutions
DateOctober 9th, 2010
ActAct 4: The Secret History of Time Travel
PartAct 4, Part 1: Port Donnelly Bridge
LocationPort Donnelly Bridge, in back of Monarch Solutions car

Monarch Field Orders Update: Sofia Amaral is a document Narrative Object found in Act 4, Part 1 of Quantum Break. The document is an APB from Monarch Solutions warning Monarch Security operatives of Sofia Amaral's compromised status following her kidnapping by Jack Joyce and Beth Wilder. This document is determinant and only appears if the "Hatch" option was chosen in the third junction.



All field operatives, be advised that Dr. Sofia Amaral is now considered a compromised asset. Earlier reports that she was kidnapped from Gull Island by Jack Joyce should be disregarded; she’s now believed to have been complicit in the events, and involved in an explosion that destroyed vital medical supplies.

The investigation is ongoing, but for the time being, she is to be detained if spotted. If she cannot be captured, she should be considered a priority target who should UNDER NO CIRCUMSTANCES be allowed to escape.

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