Monarch Solutions
Monarch logo
Organizational information

Paul Serene

Leader's title

Paul Serene (formerly),
Martin Hatch


Monarch HQ


Riverport, Massachusetts

Related organizations

Monarch Security



Historical information
Date formed

September 5, 1999 (est.)

Additional information
Notable members

Paul Serene (deceased)
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Martin Hatch
Clarice Ogawa
Sofia Amaral
Henry Kim
Charlie Wincott
Fiona Miller
Liam Burke (deceased)
Gibson (deceased)
Carlo (deceased)

Monarch Solutions is a major organization run by Paul Serene specializing in time travel technology. Officially, the company works on physics research - with an emphasis on Chronon energy - and provides security for clients.

Monarch Security is the security branch of Monarch Corp.


  • The name and logo of the company evokes the image of the monarch butterfly, which may be a reference to the Butterfly effect.

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