Must Move Forward
SubjectMonarch gala
AuthorMartin Hatch
DateOctober 9th, 2016
ActAct 3: The Wine and Cheese Crowd
PartAct 3, Part 1: Research Facility
LocationMonarch Research Facility
PreviousPaul Serene's Speech on Gull Island (Business)
NextInstructions for tonight (Business)

Must Move Forward is a email Narrative Object found in the Act 3, Part 1 of Quantum Break. The email details Martin Hatch's briefing Clarice Ogawa of his plans to kill Sofia Amaral following the release of Jack Joyce. This email is determinant and only appears if the "Business" option was chosen in the second junction.


DATE: OCT 9, 2016 – 8:05pm
SUBJECT: Must Move Forward

I’ve aided in Jack Joyce’s escape from his cell. He is here to kidnap Dr. Sofia Amaral. This presents the perfect opportunity to move forward with our agenda. Tonight we send Monarch into a state of chaos. Tonight we ensure Paul Serene’s downfall.

When Paul hears about Jack’s escape he will order Sofia Amaral to be locked away in the villa for protection. As Jack nears her location have Stetson sabotage the drone surveillance so that his movements will remain undetected. Assist Joyce’s mission in any covert manner possible.

Sofia is Paul’s only resource capable of developing the treatments he needs. With her out of the picture, we only need to destroy his remaining treatments to render Paul helpless as his sickness grows. All of his treatments are kept in Dr. Kim’s lab. I will gain access to the area and ensure that the entire lab is destroyed.

I predict that Paul’s sickness will take hold within six hours of these events, spurred by the increasingly frequent stutters. Only then will we make our final move.

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