Quantum Break - Paul Serene Diaries (Hardline, Business, Hatch, Surrender)11:07

Quantum Break - Paul Serene Diaries (Hardline, Business, Hatch, Surrender)

Paul Serene Diary 2 (also known as End of Time) is the second of eight unlockable video diaries for Paul Serene in Quantum Break.


Time Unknown
On Serene's thoughts about being trapped at the End of Time.
DURATION: 2:02-3:46


PAUL SERENE: Okay. Finally. Found a stutter proof pocket. This should work. I... I don't think anybody will ever hear this. But I need to record it, if only for my own sanity. I don't have long until they find me again.

The End of Time is here. I'm living it, living the goddamn proof! How did it come to this? Where did it all start? I conducted an experiment with Jack Joyce. I didn't listen. I was a goddamn fool. We caused a fracture in time. I enter the machine, was sent to the future; but where I ended up, there was no future. Time has stopped... forever.

I've spent weeks hiding from... those things. They're always searching for me! And I'm not alone. Someone else is here, hunting me. I see her shadow! The machine is broken, I can't make it work. I have to find a way back. Before this ever happened! Find a way to prevent the mistakes we made.

This was my fault, my fucking fault! I have to make it right, I have to find a way.

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