Quantum Break - Paul Serene Diaries (Hardline, Business, Hatch, Surrender)11:07

Quantum Break - Paul Serene Diaries (Hardline, Business, Hatch, Surrender)

Paul Serene Diary 4 (also known as Building Monarch) is the fourth of eight unlockable video diaries for Paul Serene in Quantum Break.


Sunday, September 5, 1999, 10:05am
On Serene's plan in 1999.
DURATION: 5:02-6:40


PAUL SERENE: September 5, 1999. Again. I found a way back from the End of Time through a second machine. I went back as far as it would send me. February 28, 1999, with a simple goal. To use my knowledge of the past to protect us from the future I witnessed.

I built the company from the ground up, invested in sure bets. We made millions in mere weeks. And this is just the beginning. I can use this knowledge to do great things. I can use it to guide us to a better future, to make the world a better place.

And it's strange living all this a second time. Reliving it all from the shadows.

I recognized a vagrant the other day. I know how he dies, weeks from now. I can save him from that fate. A simple start. If I can do that much, then I can save us all.

I still see visions of it. Everyday, haunting me. Time frozen, billions of people just stopped for an eternity. Never living and never dead. She followed me here, tried to kill me. I'd like to think it haunts her too.

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