Paul Serene Diary 6 (also known as Control and Surrender) is the sixth of eight unlockable video diaries for Paul Serene in Quantum Break. This diary is determinant and changes if the "Control" or "Surrender" option was chosen in the foruth junction.


Monday, October 10, 2016, 4:55 am
On Serene controlling his condition and madness.
DURATION: 4:02-5:25

Monday, October 10, 2016, 4:55 am
On Serene giving into his condition and madness his condition brings.
DURATION: 7:55-8:42



Quantum Break Alternative Content - Paul Serene Diaries (PR, Personal, Amaral, Control)05:26

Quantum Break Alternative Content - Paul Serene Diaries (PR, Personal, Amaral, Control)

PAUL SERENE: It's only a matter of time before the sickness takes over. I've delayed the inevitable, taken the final treatment to reach the clarity necessary for my final actions. All I've built, everything I've done here, it can't be for nothing.

The Lifeboat can't function without the CFR --- the Countermeasure. I've had a vision. I've seen Jack at the swimming pool, holding the device. That's where I'm meant to stop him. That's where I must go. That's where this ends --- [groans].

I ordered Liam Burke to guard the CFR chamber. I know he won't succeed, but at the very least he'll slow jack down. Make sure he'll come out hur-ting. ...Now I have to finish the job. Know that everything that I have done was to as---assure our survival. Every life lost was in the service of our future.

My fight ends today, but Monarch's has just begun. The end of time can't be prevented, but it can be endured.

We will survive. We will survive.


Quantum Break - Paul Serene Diaries (Hardline, Business, Hatch, Surrender)11:07

Quantum Break - Paul Serene Diaries (Hardline, Business, Hatch, Surrender)

PAUL SERENE: They're all against me, every fucking last one of them. Trying to poison me, destroy everything I've built!

I tried to save them. They made it clear they don't wanna be saved. Well, I'll give them what they want. I will make them suffer! I can feel the power growing inside me. This shell? It's only holding me back. Holding me from something far greater. [Groans] I'll survive this, but in another form.

I've seen where Jack is headed, I have seen where this ends. I am going to stop him, I am going to destroy the Countermeasure.

They want to see my plan go up in flames?

I will burn it to the fucking ground.

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