Quantum Break - Paul Serene Diaries (Hardline, Business, Hatch, Surrender)11:07

Quantum Break - Paul Serene Diaries (Hardline, Business, Hatch, Surrender)

Paul Serene Diary 7 (also known as Closed Loops and Survival) is the seventh of eight unlockable video diaries for Paul Serene in Quantum Break.


Sunday, September 11, 2001, 10:02pm
On Serene learning he cannot change things, and refocusing his plans.
DURATION: 8:44-10:11


PAUL SERENE: September 11, 2001. It happened for the second time. I watched the planes hit, I watched the towers fall. I did everything I could to prevent it, took every precaution. I warned them, time and again. And just like every other thing I've tried to change, I failed.

It can't be done. I'm living in a cycle that cannot be broken. And I know where it leads. I thought I could prevent the End of Time. I can't. But, I can use this power to survive it. To ensure that, when time ends, life doesn't.

I'm refocusing Monarch's efforts. We'll develop technology to counter the effects of the Fracture. We'll develop weapons to fight back against the enemies that will thrive there.

I went back to William's workshop. The time machine is gone. He's working on a new device of some kind, I have no doubt she's involved somehow, so I need to keep my distance. I'll intervene when the time is right. I built an empire, it's time to put it to use.

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