Quantum Break - Paul Serene Diaries (Hardline, Business, Hatch, Surrender)11:07

Quantum Break - Paul Serene Diaries (Hardline, Business, Hatch, Surrender)

Paul Serene Diary 8 (also known as Ground Zero) is the eighth of eight unlockable video diaries for Paul Serene in Quantum Break.


Sunday, July 11, 2001, 4:38pm
Serene's thoughts about William's device, and killing Beth.
DURATION: 10:14-11:06


PAUL SERENE: July 11, 2010. A week ago, we retrieved a device from William's workshop. Dr. Kim believes it can be presupposed to develop our Lifeboat Protocol, they key to our survival.

I killed her, the first sacrifice in the name of our mission. I could see in her eyes she would never fully accept what must be done. I pray that I never have to look in Jack's eyes and see the same thing.

I'll make him understand, I'll make him see.

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