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Biographical information
Status Alive
Relatives Unnamed Mother,
Unnamed Father
Resides Riverport
Physical description
Gender Female
Nationality American
Hair color Brown
Eye color Gray
Game information
First Appearance May 2013 Teaser Trailer
Actor Unknown

Woman: "Hey, what is it that makes you so different?"
Peyton: "Are you sure you wanna know?"
—Peyton and the woman[1]

Peyton was a character that appeared in the May 2013 teaser trailer for Remedy Entertainment's Quantum Break television series.[2]


A Woman is overseeing Peyton and her parents' relocation to an undisclosed area. While her parents loaded their car, an uncertain Peyton asked if the place she and her family were going was safe.[1]

Though the woman reassures Peyton she and her family would be protected, she asked what made Peyton "so different". A dubious Peyton extended her hand to the woman and touched the back of her neck, presumably revealing to her a moment in the future. She then accompanied her parents in the car.[1]



Based on early story information taken from Quantum Break: The Secret History of Time Travel, Peyton was intended to represent a human character that was subject to experiments conducted by Monarch Solutions, a clandestine and mysterious corporation. Peyton's abilities, precognition --- or the power to see the future before it happens --- was not a result of a time travel accident, but experiments.[3]

Prior to the release of the game in 2016 and its behind the scenes history, it was largely assumed from the trailer that the incident at Riverport University, when the time traveling experiment failed and fractured time, affected other individuals beyond Jack Joyce and Paul Serene, and Peyton was one of those individuals.

Behind the Scenes

Peyton name only appeared in the live-action segments of the announcement trailer for Quantum Break. The footage was originally from a ten minute episode, filmed for Microsoft Studios, called "QUEST".[3] Like other elements of the game's early production, Peyton and the other characters featured in the trailer were representative and demonstrative of Remedy's intentions of creating an interactive video game and live action television narrative. An early story idea for the television series involved a scenario wherein two government agents (akin to The X-Files) would be investigating Monarch Solutions and encountering humans with supernatural powers.[3]