Photo of Jack and Paul
Os a1p1 0135
SubjectPhotograph of Jack Joyce and Paul Serene in Park City, Utah
DateOctober 9th, 2016
ActAct 1: The Number One Killer is Time
PartAct 1, Part 1: Riverport University Experiment
LocationInside the Project Promenade Lab on shelf above Paul's desk
PreviousProject Promenade Presentation

Project Promenade Presentation is a Image Narrative Object found in Act 1, Part 1 of Quantum Break. The image is a photograph of Jack Joyce and Paul Serene trip to Park City, Utah prior to Jack's departure in 2010.


The photograph found inside the lab is of a younger Jack and Paul during their time in Park City, Utah. Jack apparently stole a ram statue from a local police station.

Related DialogEdit

Jack: "You always did drag me into these situations."
Paul: "Me, drag you? One word: Utah."
Jack: "[forced laughter] Alright, touche."
Paul: "And from what I hear, you've attracted plenty of trouble with me these past few years."
Jack: "Well, apparently its my forte."
—Jack and Paul[1]


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