Project Promenade Presentation
Marketing Spiel
SubjectProject Promenade
AuthorPaul Serene
DateOctober 9th, 2016
ActAct 1: The Number One Killer is Time
PartAct 1, Part 1: Riverport University Experiment
LocationInside the Meyer Physics Research Center past the elevator
PreviousMonarch Solutions Job Fair Poster
NextPhoto of Jack and Paul

Project Promenade Presentation is a video Narrative Object found in Act 1, Part 1 of Quantum Break. The video is Paul Serene's presentation for Project Promenade.


PAUL SERENE: Progress! Our primary drive as a species. Over time we have cured life threatening illnesses, explored the world.

JACK JOYCE: Oh, good. Going into a marketing spiel mode.

SERENE: Don't ruin my flow.

SERENE: But there is one element which denies us true progress. Time itself. Now, I'm not a scientist, but here's how it's been explained to me: we've known that in theory a black hole creates a deformation in spacetime, potentially allowing travel through both space and time. Years ago, William Joyce -- your brother -- posited the existence of chronon particles, now known as Meyer-Joyce particles, which fill an all-encompassing field, enabling the constant and steady progression of time. Here at Project Promenade we've combined both of these theories to discover a way to manipulate that field. And the results are staggering.

SERENE: There's more, but that's enough of a primer for now.


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