Projected Fracture Progression
Os a3p1 150
SubjectThe Fracture, End of Time
AuthorMonarch Solutions
ActAct 3: The Wine and Cheese Crowd
PartAct 3, Part 1: Research Facility
LocationMonarch Research Facility
PreviousFWD: Dream Journal 1
NextChronon Disrupted Wave Function Subjects, AKA "Shifters"

Projected Fracture Progression is a Document Narrative Object found in the Act 3, Part 1 of Quantum Break. The document details the projected progression of the Fracture in Time as observed by Monarch Solutions.


We’ve looked at the preliminary data on the frequency and severity of the stutters and crunched the numbers, and the results are alarming. Our original projection, which gave us years until the Fracture reached the point where time breaks down completely, does not match up with the progression of stutters we are experiencing. Put simply, the stutters are happening more and more frequently, clearly indicating that the Meyer-Joyce field is breaking down much faster than we thought. Taking the rate of acceleration, we can hypothesize that we might have as little as 24 hours until we reach the End of Time, or the point at which time stops, and no longer starts up again.

We do not know why the original projection was wrong, and why that data – which we do consider reliable, coming as it does from Mr. Serene – seems to entirely contradict our current findings. Regardless, the main issue seems clear: in order to achieve Monarch Solutions’ stated goals, the Lifeboat protocol should be activated ASAP.

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