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Welcome to the Quantum Break Wiki, your premiere source for all that is Quantum Break, "a revolutionary entertainment experience that blurs the line between television and gameplay, developed exclusively for Xbox One". This Wikia strives to offer fans and newcomers alike accurate information regarding the Remedy Entertainment video game and television series, ranging from the title release and its transmedia releases. Users and fans wishing to contribute to this encyclopedia, please don't hesitate to expand or create articles. Our database currently contains 403 articles and 994 images. Join the Wiki to keep track of the most recent changes and news as it becomes available.
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About Quantum Break
Xbox Cover

Quantum Break is third person action adventure game developed by Finnish studio Remedy Entertainment and published by Microsoft Entertainment. Released April 2016, Quantum Break is a science-fiction action/adventure exclusive for the Xbox One and Microsoft Windows. The player takes control of Jack Joyce and Paul Serene, two individuals with the ability to control time after an accident at the Riverport University causes a collapse in the very fabric of time. Read More

Featured Article
Quantum Break (TV Title Card)

Quantum Break is a live action television series that was developed alongside the video game of the same name by Remedy Entertainment. The television series was produced by Microsoft Entertainment exclusively for the Xbox Oneand Microsoft Windows. Read More

Featured Character
Liam burke
Liam Burke was the husband of Emily Burke and member of Monarch Solutions's security detail. Liam worked closely alongside Martin Hatch and was not only considered Hatch's "golden boy", but the elite of Monarch's paramilitary organization. During the events of October 2016, Liam was involved in the capture of Jack Joyce during Monarch's acquisition of the Riverport University time machine. When he learned of the Lifeboat Protocol from Beth Wilder, Liam attempted save his wife and their unborn child from the End of Time. Read More

Featured Videos
Quantum Break coming to Steam & PC retail September 29th 201601:31

Quantum Break coming to Steam & PC retail September 29th 2016

UNBOXED Quantum Break Timeless Collector's Edition02:21

UNBOXED Quantum Break Timeless Collector's Edition

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Quantum Break Theatrical Poster
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Your Favorite Episode of Quantum Break?

The poll was created at 10:21 on May 13, 2016, and so far 16 people voted.
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Do you think Quantum Break should've kept its cover mechanics?

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