Rise of Monarch Whiteboard
Os a5p2a 080
SubjectBeth's timeline of Monarch Solutions
AuthorBeth Wilder
DateJuly 4th, 2010
ActAct 4: The Secret History of Time Travel
PartAct 4, Part 3: Swimming Pool 2010
LocationBradbury Swimming Hall
PreviousBeth's New 2010 Plan
NextWill's Journal

Rise of Monarch Whiteboard is a document Narrative Object found in Act 4, Part 3 of Quantum Break. The document a timeline of Monarch Solutions created by Beth Wilder during her eleven years in the past.


March, 1999 – Monarch Formed
-CEO never disclosed
-Lucrative investments, all based on Serene’s future knowledge

August, 2000 – Monarch spotted following William Joyce
-Monarch is following William throughout Riverport
-No longer safe to keep in direct communication

May, 2001 – Martin Hatch Hired
-First listing of Martin Hatch on employee chart
-No details available on Hatch prior to this

May, 2002 – Monarch Patrolling Workshop
-Monarch spotted me near Will’s workshop
-Barely escaped alive. Must avoid Workshop area

August, 2003 – Monarch on Fortune 500
-Well-positioned on fortune 500
-Investments have stopped. PR campaign has begun

February, 2005 – Spotted by Monarch
-Monarch still searching for me. Must stay out of public eye from this point forward

March, 2006 – R and D Facility Commissioned
-Gull Island. Must investigate further

October, 2006 – Martin Hatch Promoted
-Martin Hatch now designated Monarch Spokesperson
-Previous spokesperson found dead
-Every promotion Hatch receives results from a trail of blood

May, 2008 – Monarch Tower Construction
-Construction begins on Monarch Tower

December, 2009 – Monarch Investigated Will’s Workshop
-Monarch personnel spotted covertly entering Will’s workshop
-They may know what we’re up to
-Monarch security cameras now surround workshop
-Approaching area will alert Serene

March, 2010 – Monarch Chronon Tech Delayed -Monarch chronon tech research under Dr. Kim not proceeding as planned
-Not enough chronon particles available. Ground Zero not present?

December, 2010 – Dr. Sofia Amaral Recruited
-Hired as chronon research scientist

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