Saku Lehtinen
Saku Lehtinen
Biographical information
Born 1973[1]
Origin Helsinki Area, Finland[1]
Occupation(s) Cinematic Supervisor[2]
Quantum Break
Production Role Cinematic Supervisor[2]
Worked on Guided Experience Demo[2]

Saku Lehtinen is a video game developer employed by Remedy Entertainment. He was the director (Cinematic Supervisor) for the "Guided Experience" for Quantum Break.[3]


Lehtinen was born in 1973 in Helsinki, Finland. He spent the first ten years of his life in Nokia, as well as Kirkkonummi, Helsinki, Järvenpää and Espoo, where, according to his official website, he currently lives.[1]

The Art Director of Remedy Entertainment, Lehtinen was responsible for the audiovisual experience. In particular, he was the art director of Alan Wake for the XBox 360.[1]

Lehtinen's work on the Max Payne series was working primarily on environments and level design, as well as graphics and design for character models, printed graphics and packaging. Lehtinen was the director of cinematics and was heavily involved with the development and design of Remedy's in-house technology.[1]


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