Sofia Amaral's Chronon Presentation
Sofia Amarals Chronon Presentation
SubjectChronon energy
AuthorSofia Amaral
ActAct 2: Perfect Place to Hide Something
PartAct 2, Part 2: Ground Zero
LocationIndustrial Area
PreviousInternal Monarch Comms 2
NextInternal Monarch Comms 2

Sofia Amaral's Chronon Presentation is a video Narrative Object found in Act 2, Part 2 of Quantum Break. The video details Sofia Amaral's overview of Ground Zero and Chronon energy.


SOFIA AMARAL: …The fracture is escalating more rapidly than Mr. Serene anticipated. Chronon levels will lower to a point that renders Ground Zero obsolete in the near future. I’m cueing up with a presentation to make sure everybody remembers the essentials before we proceed.

[…]Hello, I’m Doctor Sofia Amaral. Over the past six years, Monarch has made vast technological advances in the area of Meyer-Joyce particles – better known as Chronon particles.

On July fourth 2010, unique temporal anomalies began to occur in a very small and focused area we now refer to as “Ground Zero” located within the Riverport industrial zone. This resulted in extremely dense emissions of Chronon particles, creating the perfect conditions for extraction, which led to the Chronon harvesting operation you see today.

All of Monarch’s Chronon technology relies on these particles, most notably: The Chronon Field Regular, or CFR, which is the only device that can ensure stabilization and regulation of mass quantities of these particles. When the time is right, the entire supply of Chronon containers will be transported from this location to the Monarch headquarters, where the CFR is located. Only authorized personnel are to handle the containers directly.

Unique temporal anomalies become more frequent with closer proximity to the Ground Zero perimeter, when entering the Yellow Zone. This Yellow Zone emits dense Chronon pockets ripe for harvesting. The Ground Zero perimeter itself is never to be entered under any conditions. We refer to this area as the Red Zone, where time no longer flows in a consistent manner and shifts without warning.

Many who have entered Ground Zero… have never returned. We know that the Fracture will occur on October 8th, 2016. We hypothesize that from this point forward, Chronon levels in Ground Zero will slowly deplete until time anomalies cease to occur. For this reason, all harvesting necessary for sustained use of the CFR must be complete before the fracture runs its course. For more information, please refer to your employee manual. Thank you for your time.

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