Stobe Harju
Stobe Harju
Biographical information
Name Tuomas V. Harju
Born April 19, 1978[1][2]
Origin ???, Finland[1][2]
Occupation(s) Director[3]
Quantum Break
Production Role Drama Director[3]
Worked on E3 2013 Trailer[3]

Stobe Harju (born Tuomas V. Harju) is a Film director and artist who has worked with Remedy Entertainment. He was the director of the May 2013 Teaser Trailer for Quantum Break.


Stobe Harju was born on April 19, 1978 in Finland as Tuomas V. Harju. Harju's major credits as a director include the theatrical feature film Imaginaerum with the group Nightwish, and several music video shorts for Poets of the Fall, who also collaborate with Remedy Entertainment.[2]

His music videos for Poets of the Fall include "Carnival of Rust" in 2009 and "Lift" in 2005. In addition to directing music videos, Harju also writes the scenarios for the music video shorts.[2]

According to Moby Games, Harju is credited as the Drama Director and Cinematic Director for Quantum Break. In addition he worked as the cinematic director for Alan Wake and Alan Wake's American Nightmare.[4]


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