Stonecrow Poster

The Stonecrow poster featured in Quantum Break: The Secret History of Time Travel by Bradley Games.

"Witness the Step-Children of the Elder God."
—Tour tagline[1]

Stonecrow is a tribute band dedicated to the group Old Gods of Asgard.


While the formation of Stonecrow is never revealed, posters of the band are featured prominently across Riverport University during October 2016. When Jack Joyce reunited with his childhood friend, Paul Serene, Paul was wearing a gray Stonecrow t-shirt.[1]

The 2016 Balance TourEdit

During the events of 2016, Stonecrow began touring across the United States and performing for at least nine cities. March 2016, they visited:

In April their tour activity decreased. They presumably visited one city in the United States and another in Finnland.

December 12, 2016 the group would presumably return to Riverport for one final performance at the Royal Almond Hall. Tick prices ranged from $20 if audiences were arriving at the theater, while audiences who bough their tickets early only paid $15.



  • Paul Serene's Stonecrow t-shirt may use the front from the Doom series.
  • The 2016 Balance Tour is a likely reference to the single "Balance Slays the Demon", featured in Alan Wake's American Nightmare.
  • Espoo, Finland is the location of Remedy Entertainment's central headquarters.
  • April 5th, 2016 is the official release date of Quantum Break.
  • There exists two groups using the name Stonecrow (or "Stone Crow"). One is based in the Wisconsin[2] and were established in 2014; the other was established in 2011 and hails from Oklahoma.[3] Neither band has any connections to Quantum Break or Remedy Entertainment.


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