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    We have a huge announcement today! As many of you may have seen online, today matches the date of the Monarch Gala in Quantum Break. We thought it would be interesting to not only do something for the occasion, but to have it be a force for good.

    So, today we're announcing a charity auction on ebay, with sponsorship from Remedy, where 100% of money raised will go directly to Cancer Research UK.

    Items for Charity: We've got two awesome items lined up for this auction, one of which will be announced a little later in the week as we're still smoothing out some of the details. The item that we're starting with has an Alan Wake theme and looks fantastic.

    The first is an Alan Wake collection. This contains Alan Wake Limited Edition for PC and Alan Wake's American Nightmare. Both games are signed by the developers. For American Nightmare the signatures are on the game cover. For Alan Wake, the signatures are on a fold out Alan Wake A3 poster inside the game box. [Beginning Price: £50]

    We also teamed up with the lovely gentlemen at Poets of the Fall for the auction. With the release of their latest album, Clearview, and their follow up tour, schedules have been a tricky thing to work out. As a result, to make things a little more relaxed, we're planning a "part two" of the auction later this year with their contributions. So stay tuned for more information of that auction coming later this year!

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