Time Powers
Time Blast
Example of Jack attacking using Time Blast
Time Blast
Type Offensive
Acquired Act 2, Part 1: Industrial Area
Input XboxOne RB
Power Stats

Increased Blast Radius
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Reduced Cooldown


Increased Blast Radius (2 Chronon Source)
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Reduced Cooldown (6 Chronon Sources)

Effects Disables enemies with a blast of Chronon energy

Time Blast[1] is one of six Time Powers acquired in Quantum Break.


Time Blast is a offensive move used by Chronon active individuals. The blast is created by the summation of the Chronon energy stored within their bodies, directed and focused into a single bout of energy that can be set off like a grenade.

Once released, the energy disrupts the area it explodes in, temporarily freezing whatever it caught in its path within a stutter. Time Blast, however, depletes the energy focused from the Chronon active individual's body, leaving them unable to use their abilities for a short time.


As an offensive move, Time Blast can be used to take out a single or multiple enemies in any given environment. Time Blast works opposite to Time Stop, causing severe damage instead of merely stopping time around a given environment. Pressing XboxOne RB activates the attack, which often works best if used from behind cover as temporary protection.

Enemies, who are immediately alerted of Jack's presence when the power is charged, are tossed from the area affected by the blast. Time Blast is especially helpful against the heavier enemy types or snipers, who may be taken out with a single blast.

Time Blast is the only Time Power ability that can actively damage enemies, and its strength differs depending on the difficulty level chosen (Easy, Medium, Hard). After firing the attack, Time Blast cannot be used again until the cooldown period is over or reaches one third.


Time Blast can be upgraded a number of two times:

  • Increase Blast Radius costs two Chronon Source. Increase Blast Radius increases Time Blast's area of effect.
  • Reduced Cooldown costs six Chronon Sources. Reduced cooldown lessens the waiting period for Time Blast significantly.