Time Powers
Time Dodge
Example of Jack attacking using Time Dodge
Time Dodge
Type Offensive
Acquired Act 1, Part 3: Library Chase
Input XboxOne LB (Time Dodge), XboxOne LT (Time Focus)
Power Stats

Increased Focus
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Maximum Focus
Extra Activation


Increased Focus (1 Chronon Source)
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Maximum Focus (4 Chronon Sources)
Extra Activation (6 Chronon Sources)

Effects Allows player dash to one place to another

Time Dodge[1] is one of six Time Powers acquired in Quantum Break.


Time Dodge allows Chronon active individuals to move faster than the average human being inside and outside of Stutters. Their speed is such that they appear to "blink" out of existence to people operating within the normal flow of time.[2]


Time Dodge allows players move faster than standard enemies during combat. Tapping XboxOne LB activates Time Dodge, allowing players to move in and out of cover or avoid enemy hazards, like grenades. Attacking enemies using Time Dodge can knock them off balance, making them easier to attack.

This is often achieved by using Time Focus, a subpower used in conjunction with Time Dodge. Time Focus (or time Time Rush) requires the player to hold down the XboxOne LT to slow down time to attack a single enemy.

Time Dodge is also useful for flanking enemies who would otherwise corner the player character, and is can help the player avoid detection for a few seconds. Puzzle segments throughout the game often require a combination of Time Stop and Time Dodge or Time Rush to avoid environmental hazards trapped in a unstable loop during stutters.

Time Dodge is also useful during fights against Strikers and Juggernauts, Monarch Security enemies that use Chronon Harnesses to move as fast as the player character. Like Time Rush, Time Dodge aids the player in getting behind either enemy type that require their exposed harnesses to be disabled with firearms.


Time Dodge can be upgraded a number of three times:

  • Increased Focus (Focus Time) costs one Chronon Source. Increased Focus increases "Focus Time" (making it last longer), which is triggered by holding down XboxOne LT immediately after using Time Dodge.
  • Maximum Focus costs four Chronon Sources. Maximum Focus increases the length of the Time Dodge.
  • Extra Activation costs six Chronon Sources. Extra allows you to use Time Dodge three times in a row.