Time Powers
Time Rush
Example of Jack attacking using Time Rush
Time Rush
Type Offensive + Defensive
Acquired Act 3, Part 1: Research Facility
Input XboxOne LB (Time Rush), XboxOne B (Melee attack), XboxOne LT (Focus Time)
Power Stats

Increased Focus
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Increased Focus (2 Chronon Source)
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Multi-Takedown (6 Chronon Sources)

Effects Increases speed

Time Rush[1] is one of six Time Powers acquired in Quantum Break.


Time Rush is a offensive and defensive move used by Chronon active individuals. Like Time Dodge, Chronon enabled individuals appear to blink in and out of existence to people operating within the normal flow of time. In actuality, a Chronon active user's ability to move faster than usual allows them to move outside the normal flow of time at incredible speeds.


As a defensive move, Time Rush can aid the player escaping heavy enemy fire, solving puzzles and traversing hazardous environments, like doors that would otherwise be impassable using Time Dodge or with standard running.

As a offensive move, Time Rush can be used against a single or multiple enemies. Pressing and holding down XboxOne LB activates the Time Rush, which often works best if used against heavy enemies like Juggernauts, Strikers and LMG Technicians. All are enemy types who require that they be attacked from behind where their weaknesses (such as Chronon Harnesses) are exposed.

Standard Monarch Security enemies cannot track Jack Joyce whenever Time Rush and thus evading their line of sight can be simple; but, because Juggernauts and Strikers use Chronon harnesses, they can follow Jack's movements (to an extent) and sustain their attacks.

Players can automatically melee enemies by approaching an enemy with Time Rush. Press the XboxOne B symbol when it appears above an enemy's head and a variant of Jack's melee attacks will occur. This can only happen after the player purchases Multi-Takedown. Additionally, Focus Time can be used during Time Rush by approaching an enemy and holding down on the XboxOne LT. Focus Time and melee attacks half the use of Chronon energy used during Time Rush.


Time Rush can be upgraded a number of two times:

  • Increased Focus costs two Chronon Sources. Increased Focus allows players to use Focus Time at the end of Time Rush.
  • Multi-Takedown costs six Chronon Sources. Multi-Takedowns are automated melee attacks that consume less Chronon energy. Using the melee attacks allows Time Rush to regenerate quicker and lets the player use the ability more often.